Do You Believe ‘Nothing Compares To You’

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How do you truly believe in yourself?

Do you believe your valuable? Worth treating yourself like a Princess or a Prince? Worthy of receiving, when someone treats you like you are a Prince Princess?


I was listening to a song on the radio this morning…Sinead O’Conner’s ‘Nothing Compares to You’. I know we have heard it a million times but this one section stuck with me today.

“I went to the doctor and guess what he told me

Guess what he told me

Girl you better try to have fun no matter what you do

Because Nothing compares to you”


Sadly at one point I have heard my doctor say something along those lines before, but, I now recognize my place on earth and have fun no matter what I am doing, and that Nothing Compares To Me. I am worth a whole lot more that I truly realized.

Nothing Compares To You

Do you identify any of these thoughts or feelings in yourself? Maybe you have and your now moving towards embracing your individuality, Is there someone you know that you observe not feel like they are worthy enough.

If you feel like your reading about yourself, you will be finding it really hard to look at or inside yourself and feel comfortable with the notion you are worthy and Nothing Compares To You!

To get to that point try Smiling, Smiling at children playing, strangers walking past you in the street, friends, family members. You will be surprised at how you start to think and feel towards yourself particularly when someone give you a great big smile back.

Start to do little things for others, particularly supportive people that will appreciate what you do for them. In giving we will receive, even if it is a warm smile or a quiet thank you.

Nothing Compares To A Friend

You have a friend or family member that you see is worth more than their weight in gold, take the time to let them know what you appreciate about them, what little things they make a difference with. How you enjoy their company just because they make you laugh, help you understand a situation like no-one else or they have a skill that you are crap at but they make it look so simple.

Your words and actions will help them see their worth and value on this planet. It may just be what that soul needs to know that someone sincerely believes and acknowledges them. Let them know that others feel the same way even if they don’t say it…because we all know that many people assume it is known how they feel or their bravado gets in the way of expression.



Nothing Compares To You!

Each and everyone of us is so totally different, but no matter what color, gender, height, shape, language spoken, disability or any other difference…

We are all individually valuable to this World!



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