Get Lazy And Opportunity Will Pass You By


You have all the riches in the world open to you, all you have to do is reach for it!


Set your mind to that idea you have perceived, then, Take Action…with everything you have inside of you! Put the energy around you into motion to increase circumstances to your favour.

This simple step was pointed out to me over the weekend…I had the ‘intuitive/gut’ feeling that I could win a little competition that was happening near me. Instead I laughed at myself and assumed I could win without much effort…

Not really a smart move…as I became complacent and only really used say 70% of my effort, the universe showed me that if you lose faith in your ‘intuitive/gut’ feeling and don’t follow it, your opportunity will pass you by. Quite happily providing someone else with the ‘blessing’ you let go of.

I came away from the experience feeling like the winner that day as, I had learnt a grate lesson in Karma. Seeing it in its process as it was happening.

It almost felt like the universe has a grand sense of humour and enjoyed watching the lesson unfold…

You might not see the reprocussion of your effort or lack there of, straight away. However, if you are not where you desire to be or have attained the things you want, then somewhere along the way you didn’t take advantage of opportunities put I front of you.

Next time you have that ‘intuitive/gut’ feeling follow through with it, take advantage of it…Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

You will learn an amazing lesson and or receive just what you desired. Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

Thanks for stopping by for a read, if you are looking for an opportunity like the one I am taking advantage of simply follow this link or the one below and take advantage by taking action.

See you next time.


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