Are You In Training?



I realized this morning, as I went for an impromptu walk with my friend, with Chai in hand (I really don’t like coffee my signature drink is Chai on Soya). That we are in training even when we are ‘not training’.

As we become more aware of our body, mind, spirit, emotions we are in training for heightened awareness. Awareness of how we speak, what we eat, how we think, how, what and who we observe, our perspective on what’s happening around us; it keeps us progressing along or towards our reason for being here.

Our literal thought of training is really of the material world, gym training, team-sport training, job training, educational training and the like.

So it was really quite an exciting feeling to have that realization…to be in training when communicating with your friend or colleague on a spiritual or emotional level. Sitting and meditating or when you’re in that perfect little space that you feel harmony with the elements and train to be attuned with the universe.

The world around us is working at such a fast pace with electronic devises, social media, transportation, the desire to have all (materialistically) that we sometimes get to the point that we feel like we have lost connection and start spinning inside ourselves. It can get really scary as we lose our connection to ourselves and our loved ones.

This is why I ask the question Are you In Training?

It has taken me so many years to work this out, I had a notion deep down inside that I didn’t want to face, so hopefully I am able to give you a short cut to gaining insight into connecting with your true self again.

Do something different for a few minutes that helps you slow down, I say a few minutes because if you try to doing for any longer then you will feel defeated.

Focus on an element of nature. How the leaves move, what the ocean Rythemn really sounds like, what the grass smells like.

Simple stuff really, (if you don’t like exercising its a great training style for you) this training will develope your skills to calm your mind.

As you practic, the more you will observe, the more you will be able to scnse the truth inside you, the better you will be at assisting others to their needs.

This is just one way that you can get into trainging centering yourself to calm your mind. Have a go and let me know how you did!

When you are centered and ask yourself what it is that you are meant to be doing will come. I have been through the whole process. I’m still learning as I beleive we can do our entire lives.


Thanks for taking the time to read my words. If you are seeking a change, follow the link below to see were I started, and how I can help you make your changes.

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