Landing On My Authentic Path



Ever since I was a kid I was challenged with what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Some kids just knew what they wanted to do, others worked it out as they went through school to work out what they are good at and studied their way to their career or lifestyle.

Me…well I loved being active playing netball, swimming, gymnastics as well as being creative with drawing, photography,

typography being in lots of colour, but I never really knew how to put that all together. I drifted a lot, didn’t like school and had very low self-esteem and with hind sight the symptoms of depression…(but that’s another story)

Many years of learning, traveling, relationship and many amazing experiences later, I am beginning to relax with myself andsee, feel and acknowledge my natural talents and abilities that include healthy activity, creative expression combining my intuition for guidance.

My Life Is Evolving

How is your life?

Is it Evolving?

Are you on your Authentic Path?

What Did I Do To Land On My Authentic Path

Personal Development

Reading positive and inspiring books, ones I could relate to, that helped me Spiritually and Emotionally grow. Ones self power is amazing when you realize that NO-ONE can take it!

Like Minded People

Find people that you like, that enjoy the same things as you, that have had more success in what it is that you want to improve yourself with. People that are encouraging, helpful and that will tell you to ‘Put Your Big Girl/Boy Undies On And Face Your Problem Head On’ and will support you when you do ‘IT’

Face Yourself

Look inside yourself embrace everything about YOU! When you realize that what you have done in the past no longer exists but has provided you with experiences to take FORWARD into a wondrous future. An amazing confidence fills you! There will be plenty of resistance at first but push on through, the end of your rainbow looks amazing!

Nourish And Activate Your Body

Get up and get outside, go to the beach, gym, pool, rock climbing center, bowling ally, acrobatics club, yoga class…sorry I could go on and on…but you get my drift. Try new stuff, remember the activities you used to do and have a go at it again.

While your doing that make sure you what goes into your mouth, (as it is the opening to your fuel tank) is great quality – FRESH, CLEAN, HEALTHFUL FOOD. Reach for fruit or veggies instead of chips and cake, water or green tea instead of soft drink or heavy milk drinks.

All of these choices will help you clear your mind energize your body and guide you to the real reason you are here on this planet!

To find your true path and purse it with passion is an amazing journey to the truth!

This is only the beginning!

Thanks for joining me, if you have any experiences that you want to share feel free to leave a comment below and just maybe we can help others to there truth.

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