Have You Found Your Place To Call Home?


Have you found it yet? Your Place to call home?

What prompted me to write this today is that I got that feeling, standing in a brand new gym with a few people around me that I knew and was just chatting to them. All of a sudden from the center of my body, down in the bottom of my stomach, I got the feeling of ‘This Is Perfect!…I am meant to be here right now! So I joined the gym and my training will begin tomorrow afternoon.

I have trained in a few gyms and they are great but don’t give me that gut feeling.

The Gut Feeling is really what I am talking about when I say…

Have You Found Your Place To Call Home?


It sounds really funny doesn’t it, you have your address the place you live in, that’s home…Well I’m not really talking simply about were you lay your head to sleep as you might have guessed with me talking about the gym.

It’s more about that feeling you get from your entire body that tells you, you’re in the right place and this is were you are meant to be right now to achieve your hearts desire or lead to your hearts desire.

By all means it may be your beautiful home that is just right for you! But have you stopped and listened to your gut for your career? especially if you are not doing what you love…or what about the church you are with? do you go because it really is your Home or is it convenient geographically to your residence. How about the place you are working in, do you sense it is the right place for you to be or is there that niggling feeling that there is somewhere else you could be making more of a difference?

When that feeling happens, do you listen to it and take the steps to hold onto that feeling? I did today, before I left the building I signed up. I was really only going to do a 7 day trial, but I felt so comfortable and confident in the place that I knew it was the right thing to do.


If you haven’t found that perfect place yet, keep asking yourself…’Where is my perfect place to call home for my…state the area you desire for “Your Home” I am ready to move in now. Now take steps to feel for your new place of home. Keep yourself aware of leads/hints/suggestions that come up around what it is that you are looking for. When it feels right follow the lead, don’t let your thinking get in the way, just feel if it’s right for you.


Another place I like to call home is at Empower Network where I am working with like minded people that want Freedom through Helping others Achieve! Check out what we do here and join me and we can journey together to Freedom.


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