Regain Power and Focus Throuh The Breath


Ki ai

Ki – meaning – energy
ai – meaning – coming together

Bring them together and focus all energy to one point.

During my jujitsu training it was explained as to what it really means to make that deep but loud sound. It got me to thinking about how we can focus our energy and bring it to one point…maybe not with the sound from the depths of the gut in some situations…

Now I celebrate the release of air, sound, and energy with all new meaning as I take control and practice my focus.

Now to focus my power/energy be it a punch, kick, writing, parenting or communication skills has a whole new meaning.

In that short session I now understand more on centering and focusing to ensure I get the most out of what I do. When the breath is controlled it really is calming to the body and mind. During Jujitsu training (many other sports or fitness activities also utilize the breath) the breath comes from the depths of the abdomen while using the lungs and diaphragm to draw the breath.

Bringing your focus and energy together, giving you more self power, power to take control of your situation, calmly and effortlessly. This ability is beneficial in most any stressful circumstance.

What I have found during a stressful experience, I draw on my breath. As I feel anxious or overwhelmed, frustrated, fearful or scared, I make every effort to catch it early to reduce stress. I close my eyes for a second or few minutes depending on what is happening around me. Take a long slow deep breath the fills the abdominal first then the lungs, the movement doesn’t have to be obvious just enough to lift the chest. Let the air out slowly and feel the body relax notice the brain slow down and regain clarity.

*Lifting the chest re-sets your posture and brings back alignment and confidence to calmly resolve the situation.
*A deep breath interrupts your short breathing pattern in a state of imbalance, bringing more oxygen back to the brain regaining clarity and a relaxed body.

Next time you feel yourself losing control of yourself in a stressful circumstance, try this technique to assist in regaining clarity, balance and inspiration to move forward.

Don’t forget that it will take a little time to get this working for you as you begin to change your patten. Sometimes you might take a little longer to remember to stop and reset. Take that as a part of your growth in developing change and building strength.



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