Sleep Deprivation Part 1

Are You Getting Enough of the Good Stuff?

Often we forget about one of the most important things our bodies need. We were designed to eat healthful foods and drink water, so too were we designed to take advantage of sleep for energy, healing and rejuvenation.

Poor quality and quantity of sleep is reflected in a reduction of tissue generation, diminished immune and hormonal function, decrease in effective thinking ability and increased fatigue and pre-disposition to injury.

A sleep-deprived individual can also display the equivalent lack of capability as someone who has an illegal blood alcohol reading, supporting a criminal offence of impaired operation of a vehicle.

Glucose metabolism also deteriorates by up to 30-40% due to sleep deprivation of a period of between 7-10 days; it also affects the body’s ability to store the glycogen necessary for reserves during intense training or competition.

Sleep-deprivation will also play games with the mind, exaggerating the usual symptoms of fatigue than they actually demonstrate, often leaving the athlete irritable and short-tempered.

So imagine what your performance in competition/training or any other area of your life is going to be like.

If you are an athlete with a competition in mind, or a student at high school or university, or maybe you are the CEO at work, these effects of sleep deprivation will definitely have an effect on your performance.


As an athlete it is important to understand what happens when the endocrine system is also triggered with sleep deprivation. It releases the stress hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol governs the regulation of inflammatory responses and balancing blood sugar in times of stress.

However when the body is deprived of sleep, an over production of the hormone is released and over a period can cause,

• Reduced growth hormone and testosterone output

• Osteoporosis

• Reduced muscle and increased abdominal fat

• Impaired memory and learning

• Reduced glucose utilization

• Impaired immunity


Improved sleep will mean enhanced performance, improved cell repair and effective growth hormone release, reduced cortisol and healthy immune system all of which leads to improved health and performance in any area of work or life.

Part 2 will give strategies on how to improve sleeping habits


Elizabeth Hardy




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2 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation Part 1

    1. Your most welcome Lisa, your PT is absolutely correct! When your sleeping you are refreshing and massaging all the organs and letting your subconscious mind do what it has to to help you go further. It is also great for anti aging


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