Clear Your Fear with TONY ROBBINS

Fear can be a great mobilizer as Tony Robbins talks about in this video…

but more often than not it destroys motivation and cripples your thinking of the positve and creative process that will bring to you what you really desire.

If you can get to the nitty gritty of your thoughts and really listen to how you talk to yourself…yes I said "talk to yourself"

…are your thinking about the positive you working towards and creating


beating yourself up for what you have done or the circumstance you are currently in?

Fear is often to blame for self talk that is negative…what is your fear? take a hold of that fear and really see it for what it is Faulse Expectation Appearing Real.

What would the outcome of your fear be – rejection, failure, embarassment the list can go on. Work out what is holding you back and take the steps to make your desires happen. It will be less painful than you might think.

What if you SUCCEED!

If you are looking to change your lifestyle or work from home or want to become more positive and creative,

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Decide Believe Act Achieve.


Have a fabulous day!

Elizabeth Hardy

Facebook: KarizmafitLife

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