Cycling Fitness with a Global Mobile Family

If your new to fitness, when you see this family traveling the world with their kids on bicycles you might think that’s a little extreme…but if that’s possible

…then you getting out there in your neighbourhood and having fun with your kids for 30-60mins is pretty doable don’t you think!

The benefits for you and your family are amazing, getting out into the fresh air altogether, will improve communication, encourge more activity together and increase fitness.

Other benefits for you getting active and fit are…

Feeling Sluggish?? Cycling will boost energy, with this boost the body also releases endorphines which help improve the mood. Who dosen’t feel better when everyone is laughing and having a good time.

Increasing muscle tone, strength and balance from the peddal power and holding the bike upwright, not to mention the increased cardio workout getting your heart rate moving. Working the heart also improves blood preasure and circulation.

Your joints will love you as well, being a low impact exercise the knees, ankles and spine are getting movement without stressful jolting.

Getting into the spirit of exercise have a think about other times you can get out on the bike to improve your health and lifestyle, some suggestions are –

  • Going to a friends place
  • Work
  • School
  • Movies
  • Kids sporting events

How many other places can you think of to take the bike and get into life?


Decide Believe Act Achieve.


Have a fabulous day!

Elizabeth Hardy

Facebook: KarizmafitLife

PS: If you want to work from home to create more time with your family follow the link for More Information

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