3 Easy Steps To Setting Intention

Decide what you want and what it is going to take!

Do you want to loose some excess body fat, go on a holiday, pamper yourself regularly, hire a personal-trainer, be the best sales person in your office, to have the confidence to do public speaking?

Do you dream about it…?

What do you want…?

Wonder why you haven’t achieved it yet?

Have you set your Intention to make it happen?

Have you got a strong enough desire to make it happen?

Set your intention

Step 1

Decide on what it is that you really want – the perfect size clothing, that special something, that promotion, that experience. Give it plenty of detail so you know exactly what it looks like, how it will feels, who’s around you … in turn making your desire even stronger.

Step 2

Now you need to take action, put the wheels into motion so to speak. Only you know what you need to do to step forward into having what you desire. If it’s a desired dress size – find an activity you like to take part in, change your menu and eat healthy food, if your not sure what to eat or what exercise you might like to do talk to me about your DNA and how it works or a local personal-trainer or nutritionist that you connect well with, go to a gym or yoga school find a local P.C.Y.C. (Police-Citizens Youth Club) …           Get involved!

Step 3

Now you have more knowledge (a fantastic added bonus to achieving your goal) follow through with what you are learning. To succeed in anything you need to apply yourself to the task. Sometimes along your journey there are twists and turns and hills to climb … but with consistency you will make it to your goal. The experience in the journey is so much more fruitful than the actual achievement in many cases, as the accumulation of knowledge, people you have met and the personal growth along the way, make the success of the goal that much more enjoyable.

Desire and intention created … journey traveled …


Goal Accomplished!


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