Cellulite … What is it? What causes it? and What can I do about it?

What the heck is it!

Ok so 80-90% of the female population will probably experience cellulite so if you have it … It’s ok you’re not alone and there is a way to reduce it!

Cellulite is the name for the lumps, bumps and dimples in the skin …

These are affectionately also known as …

Orange peel skin – This is actually recognised as a grade 1 level, with 1 – 4 superficial depressions and a slightly saggy appearance to the skin …

Cottage cheese skin – I give you grade 2 cellulite … getting it’s name from its appearance, with between 5-9 slightly deeper depressions and skin that appears somewhat saggier …

Mattress skin – I comfort provoking matter … Grade 3 cellulite is rewarded with it’s name with the appearance of 10 or more deep depressions and unfortunately the saggiest of them all.


How does it get there?

We it’s still under review, its a tricky little fiend that appears to result from interaction between connective tissue and the dermatological lay between the surface of the skin and the layer of fat just below …

Women also possibly tend to have a greater appearance of ‘orange peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’ skin due to the fat cells and connective tissue being arranged vertically …

Men however have a cross-stitch structure possibly reducing it’s appearance.

Hormones and Age possibly play a part in the process of this natural occurrence across the globe. Estrogen being one of the hormones due to it’s reduction with age reducing circulation and the decline in new collagen and the breakdown of older connective tissue …

Genetics may also play a part … with links to metabolism, fat distribution under the skin, ethnicity and circulation effecting the development …

A biggy that we can all do something about is Menu and Movement! Our lifestyle is an important factor although possibly only part of how it arrives. The less movement and low to zero nutrient dense food we choose sets us up for the bumps.

What can be done?

Choice is everything and it’s for the long term not once the dimples start to show, the sooner you swap 80% of your menu and movement to ways of supporting a healthy life with longevity, reduces the random orange peels and pockets of cottage cheese the better!

Things that you can do now to reduce the lumps, bumps and sags are …

Menu ~ Eat clean, fresh high density nutrient foods that fill you in all macrobiotics
               Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates …
             ~Enjoy your food mindfully and in an environment (where possible) that is positive, relaxed, celebratory any way that makes you feel good.

Movement ~ Include in your day 30-60 mins or movement that you enjoy.
             ~Include strength and muscle building exercises.
             ~Get your mind into movement and your body flowing with stretching, yoga and/or Pilates that target tightening the effected areas.

Other possibly effective ways to reduce cellulite are …

Several therapies have been suggested for removing cellulite, but none have yet been confirmed by scientific research.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has reviewed a number of techniques that may be successful in reducing the appearance of cellulite by breaking up the bands of connective tissue under the skin’s surface.

Acoustic wave therapy uses a hand-held device to transmit sound waves. It may work, but it can take several sessions.

Laser treatment may improve the appearance of cellulite for a year or more. It involves inserting a very small laser probe under the skin.
The laser is then fired, breaking up the tissue. This can also thicken the skin by increasing collagen production. The thickened skin may reduce the appearance of the cellulite below.

Subcision involves a dermatologist putting a needle under the skin to break up the connective tissue bands. Results can last 2 years or more, says the AAD.

Vacuum-assisted precise tissue release cuts the bands using a device containing small blades. As it cuts the connective bands, the tissue underneath moves up to fill the space under the skin, removing the appearance of cellulite. This may last for 3 years, but data on its success is limited.

Carboxytherapy involves inserting carbon dioxide gas under the skin. Side effects include bruising and discomfort after the procedure, but some cellulite might disappear.

Endermologie involves a deep massage with a vacuum-like device that lifts the skin. The United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved it as safe, but there is little evidence that it works, say the AAD.


But one thing you need to always remember is that for many this is a sign of …

cropped-kfl_logo_final-e14986424359861.pngTime on the planet,
cropped-kfl_logo_final-e14986424359861.pngKnowledge absorbed,
cropped-kfl_logo_final-e14986424359861.pngExperiences or love laughter pain and joy with everything in between,
cropped-kfl_logo_final-e14986424359861.pngWisdom along the way that could never be gained with out traveling your journey.


The sooner you learn to love it the sooner you make peace with it and the more of life you can experience with the space you have made in your life by letting go of the concern it.

*Please Note Cellulite can only be reduced at this point in time it cannot be cleared completely.
*Please see your healthcare professional before embarking on any new menu or movement routine to ensure it is right for you.
*Liposuction does not work.


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