‘I Have A Slow Metabolism …’

No matter what you do nothing seems to work for you and your sick and tired of fighting a weight gaining battle

Your old dieting tactics aren’t doing the job they used to …

You find you have gained weight over a period of time …

(Note: If you have unexplained weight gain or lose in a short period of time please see your doctor to ensure there is no underlying medical issue)

You keep upping your exercise! Days have increased, times have increased and your desire to go to the gym or boot camp is really deteriorating!

Now you think the less I eat with more exercise … because we all know calories in calories out is the way it works right?

Will make the difference … except now your really hungry and grumpy with the lack of food!

… And the mid afternoon cravings are driving you to distraction!!

Losing faith in yourself, believing that you’re just going to be fat from now on and whats the point of exercising it doesn’t work!

Would You Like The Good News?

You can turn it all around! It is definitely possible!

You can exercise less and eat more!

It’s called Tweaking!

When you get to the point of being sick and tired of how things are, how you feel, your waist line and clothing sizes increasing …

You are more open and prepare to make small changes …

Three things that you can change are …

The way you think and talk to yourself!

Instead of beating yourself up for not being good enough, have pathetic ‘Will Power’ or not being worthy of making a difference for yourself …

You can begin by affirming something good about yourself … the most important thing about your affirmations is to resonate with it … when you say it you notice somewhere inside you you actually believe it! Lip service of saying ‘I am good enough and not believing it doesn’t work!

You have to believe it!

Swap something you eat now for something that is fresh, unprocessed and nutritious!

Morning and afternoon tea are great times to swap something out or ad something in! If you like something sweet how about trying some fruit with some nuts … an apple sliced with peanut/almond butter spread over it is delicious and filling!
It’s all about trial and error and learning what you like!

Choose a movement that you really enjoy doing!

If you love going to the gym that’s fantastic! Personally I love going to the gym! But I know that many think going to the gym is a living nightmare!

It’s all about what you love to do … is it swimming, walking, running, hiking, rock climbing, pole dancing or is there something that you have always wanted to try but haven’t had someone to go with or the chance to do it?

If you love the movement you are doing then there is more chance that you are going to stick with it!

Get a friend involved they might just enjoy it too!

If you need more information or have questions about how I can help you with any Mind Body or Nourishment issues … go to karizmafitlife.com/contact for a


and see if we make a good fit to work together to get you the results you deserve!

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