5 Things You Can Do To Enjoy Spring A Little More

Spring Is In The Air!

Bringing with it the delight of new growth, splendid bursts of colour of new blooms and the desire to get outside and enjoy the sunlight …

So our habits begin to shift from staying in bed that little bit longer, relaxing by the fire or under a cozy rug and the heavier meals of winter that sometimes we indulge in just a little too much adding a few centimeters to our waistlines …

To the abundance of beautiful weather, outdoor activities and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables for delicious salads, sides and fruit baskets.

With the change comes an opportunity to take advantage of all things new … It truly is a great time to step out of your comfort zone and try something different!

Here are 5 things you can do to enjoy Spring a little more!

Dine outside!

In your own back yard, down at the park with a picnic or head down to the beach with an Aussie favourite of fish and chips …

Dine with Friends and family!

Have you noticed how much more fun you have when there are more people to share your meal with? There is always more laughter at the dinner table when people come together to simply celebrate each others company at meal times.

Wake 30mins earlier!

This one might be hard for some … but even if you did it just once a week to see and feel the mornings ambiance and go for a walk, do your yoga practice or simple people watch your day will feel that little more energized and peaceful.


This is the best time of year to explore your area! the weather is perfect! and being on the Sunshine Coast we have some of the worlds best hikes, bike paths, beaches and waterspouts activities … oh and of course Day Spa’s! It doesn’t have to be all active

Make Time for Yourself!

I know you can do this no matter the season … but a reminder at the turn of every season is a wonderful way to check in with You. Coming into Spring you can get curious with how you’re feeling, notice if there is anything that you need to do or give yourself or you might feel in the mood, being that it is spring, that you want to do or learn something new.
If your looking to make change with anything Mind Body or Nourishment and feel overwhelmed with the possibility, don’t know where to start or need accountability to get started … you can go here and leave me a message or find me on Facebook or Instagram

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