How To Train Your Mind Week 6 | How To Train Your Mind With Simple Daily Exercises Week 6


Releasing The Past For A Prosperous Future


Week Six


To be able to achieve our goals and focus on the things we want in life we need to take action with our mind as well as with our bodies or we simply drift and never really achieve all that we desire. 


Releasing our impression of the past can relieve us of many burdens carried unnecessarily.

What we remember is a faded, twisted, obscure memory that we have manipulated with our own thought.

That moment in time has gone and no-longer serves us for the present and the future.

We are now, through the power of our imagination and visualization, able to release any no-serving memories and replace them with uplifting re-framed outcomes that will serve us a more positive feeling to embody and utilize for engaging in happy and prosperous future outcomes.   


I have recorded each days exercise for you to follow and if you need to go back over a particular topic it is right here ready for you to watch again. 


The best way to predict the future is to create it

~Peter Drucker


Follow the link below each day to learn the exercise for the day


Day 36

 My Mind is still and open Now

Day 37

I perform at my personal best

Day 38

 I choose my history now

Day 39

 My mind can heal

Day 40

My mind can help me overcome fear

Day 41

 Everyone and everything prospers for me

Day 42

I am a positive, self motivated achiever now



If you have any questions feel free to leave it in the comments.


Here or on facebook!


I would love to hear about your progress, breakthroughs or any

positive vibes you can add to yours and others success!



On making the decision to improve your MiNDSET


Decide Act Achieve

2 thoughts on “How To Train Your Mind Week 6 | How To Train Your Mind With Simple Daily Exercises Week 6

  1. I agree to looking after your mind and eating good food and exercising your mind. I try to exercise my mind each day by doing something active even if it challenges me! I also love doing yoga this too helps me to relax my mind especially when I hit the bed at night time…Thank you for sharing this great post!


    1. Hey Ronni Thanks for visiting my blog I am pleased you enjoyed it. I have to agree with yoga!! It is fantastic for calming the mind, I love practicing it too!


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