Walking your way to health and Weight Loss

Why taking a walk can help you look good and feel even better!

Walking is a wonderful way to get used to being physical. To getting back into life and enjoying the fresh air, flowers and other people around you. You get to know whats happening in your area if your walking around your neighborhood or the subtle changes that happen along the beach you tread or the park you stroll through.

By getting up and going for a walk you are achieving a multitude of health benefits, from

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Balance
  • Circulation
  • Achieving a healthy weight
  • Improved Fitness

Get your whole body Moving!

people who walk

Feel confident by wearing something comfortable, loose and cool. Take a deep breath and

hold your head up high, shoulders square and event put a smile on your dial!. It might seem a little strange for me to be mentioning these little movements but if your not used to doing them you don’t think about them. Take these few small steps now and you will already start to feel good, before you have even got out the front door.


Start your walk nice a casually to warm up the body, especially if your not used to much physical activity, anything that might be feeling a little stiff will start to relax and get blood flowing. Take 5-10mins to do this it helps to reduce strains.


Take positive action and move briskly, swing your arms in coordination with your legs, it gets the whole body involved, not just your legs. Make your stride long and definite, feel proud of who you are, squeeze your butt cheeks, (you will get a rhythm, it feels strange to start with) to get the muscles moving and fresh blood circulating through your lower body. Tighten your tummy muscles to trigger your core and aid in massaging your internal organs. Make sure you tighten your lower abdominal muscles as well, this will help strengthen your back as well. The stronger your core the less pressure you will put on your lower back.


When your about 5 or so minutes from the end of your walk slow your pace down get your breath back to normal breathing and your heart rate will lower as well. Once you are home or back at your car take a few minutes to do some stretching, your muscles will love you for it. It helps move the lactic acid build up that may occur (the stuff that makes you a little sore in the muscles the first couple of times you exercise) and your flexibility will increase, stretching for things or bending to pick pick things up off the ground will become easier.


The other ‘W’ word…’WATER’


Water is amazing it makes up around 50-70% of our (an adults) body’s weight, and when we walk or do any kind of activity we sweat/perspire causing fluid loss from our body, not to mention what we pass in urine.


To stay healthy we need to keep up our daily intake of fluids and one of the best ways is to drink water. Depending on your size and activity level the average intake is around 2.5 liters a day. When your out walking it is a great idea to either carry some water with you or know where the drinking taps are to grab a drink. Ensuring your hydrated prevents things like

  • Dehydration
  • Headaches
  • Tiredness
  • Loss of concentraiton
  • Constipation


…Walking and Weight Loss


Get a plan like most other goals to achieve success follow a plan, there are many sites out there that have free programs to get you on track for gaining a slimmer and healthier you with walking. Below are a couple of examples to follow to get you started.


Fitness Magazine




Track your progress, see your improvement.
Find a friend and work together on achieving success.

Take pleasure in walking

Take pleasure in walking


Have a fabulous day!


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2 thoughts on “Walking your way to health and Weight Loss

    1. When you have animals it is so much easier to go for walk to see them happy too!… and it is so much easier than running lol


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