Be Careful with what comes after the words ‘I am…’

Many of us already know we need to think in positive ways,

in order to achieve positive outcomes.


How do you talk to yourself? is it in a positive manner or do you

tell yourself you can’t do certain things for example:



‘I am not a computer person’ or ‘I am broke’ or ‘I am too old’…

have a listen to Mike about what the words following ‘I am’ can do to you.

Interesting isn’t it!


When you say to yourself that you are not able to do something or not able to

have something, then what are the consequences?. Words are very powerful, they can

build a person up and make them feel incredibly good about themselves, with

growth of self-esteem, confidence and motivation to name a few of the benefits.


At the same time the power in words can be crippling.


Taking someones confidence and self belief to a point where the

individual believes they will not be any good at whatever they attempt.


We do this to ourselves … all the time.



To be successful we need to tell ourselves that we can …

understanding that in our own self talk we can


achieve our dreams and goals,


Words are powerful

like learning to walk by putting one foot in front of the other.


If we find that we are not achieving what we desire, we need to think

about what we are saying to ourselves about the subject.


I am trying to build a home based business …


the more positive way to say that …


‘I am building a home based business online’…


‘I’m not good with computers … I’m just not techi’


the more positive way to say that …


I am able to learn more about computers and new

technical tips all the time and it is so easy!


…you create what you really believe and ‘I am not good with computers’

is what you really believe.

Change what you are saying in an affirmation and


Create the belief by

repeating it daily,

several times.


Have it written where you will read it often.

Repeat it aloud and with faith and belief that

you are great with computers.

You will find that it will start to happen, you will find your

way around the computer, the website, the blog, the information

to improve your ability on the computer.

Make it an experiment if you don’t believe this is possible

you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Have a go at it with whatever you might want to improve,

apply until there is change it wont take long … you just have to


decide to do it

believe in it 

repeat it.



Simple really…

Have a fabulous day!

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