Do You Have Desire And Command Of Your Life


We all have the desire for many things in life

food, fitness, knowledge, life, family

and command over many things

driving, animals, a class of students


But …

  • Do you have Desire and Command over your life and outcome?


  • Do you truly know what your life’s desire is and how to improve on it?


  • Do you have Command of your life in achieving what you want out of life?


You see we often loose the desire to

be our best and chase our dreams

to be what we wanted to be, mostly because life gets in the way and getting

a job becomes more important than doing

what you really want to do.

At the same time we loose Command of our lives because … self beliefs, debts, accidents, children, lifestyle … get in the way.


If you want to change your direction it is totally possible to Desire and achieve what you want your journey to look like!

It is also totally possible to have Command of your life!

Here’s how …


 It doesn’t matter what you think you might be … Too short, too young, too tall, too old …

Are you in the position to serve … Your offering something new, a different view point, more up to date information …

~Brendan Burchard

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