The Struggle Is Real Allison Everett – Fitness Transformation

This is my oldest friends, she is very dear to me even though we are many kilometers apart and have had our ups and downs. I have been on her journey from afar, if we lived close to each other I can without any doubt say that I would have been in her pocket every step of the way. The reason WHY?


She is Amazing!


Simply Inspiring from where her journey begins, when she began to make it public and for sharing the TRUTH!!

NO-ONE glides through life achieving great things without that voice in their head saying No You Can’t! Here’s Why …

It happens to all of us!!! If you can get beyond that LITTLE voice … (because it is only little) You will achieve what Allison has with WHATEVER understand WHATEVER it is YOU Want to ACHIEVE!!!

Thank you Allison!!! So many of us needed to hear understand this!!

What you get on social media, advertising, runways, movies and the small screen a majority of the time is BULLSHIT!!

They are real people just like you and me and have issues and challenges just like you and me!!

Please spend a few minutes to read the truth and know that you are not alone!!

Love your work Allison!!


“The struggle is real” as a friend said to me recently when I brought up my circular roller coaster of emotions of late. So I guess all the more reason to share it and not hide from it…


12 times this morning I told myself reasons why I wouldn’t train today – I could make up a tonne of excuses and reasons why, but the real reason is because of how the past couple of months have panned out.


Yes, I’ve struggled, big time!! And this is why I am sharing this because although I could find a dozen reasons to hide today, to not turn up, to feel too ashamed and embarrassed as the weeks go on, I can equally find that 13th reason as to why this is the exact same reason that I absolutely should go.


I too watch other people’s journeys, I follow other bodybuilding fitness models, bikini models, figure competitors and I see their amazing transformations and their wonderful stories, and they seem to do it with such ease. I can tell you now, none of this is done with ease, it’s hard, it takes strength and courage and willpower.


But even I forget that what I perceive when I see others is no doubt masking a lot of the tears and frustrations before the achievements and excitement. This is how I became a bit lost recently, thinking only I am probably struggling since my comp, all the others I’ve met they seem to be doing so amazing and not once faltering, so I figured I was a failure! I bet though that there’s a few of them out there right now, possibly some may even be following me, that will be going through something just like me.


So this morning I set out for a brisk 3km walk, I argued with myself almost all the way, I became angry, I was sad, I cried and I calmed down. It got me to think really hard, about how the struggle is real no matter what we are working towards at times. It could be weight loss, a career, a business venture, a relationship, an athletic goal…. anything at all. So how do you forge on and not get lost in the process and become numb and prevent yourself from simply going through the motions?


Ask yourself what it is you really want and why. This is how I have come through before and it’s how I know I will get through this “sticking point” right now. So yes there might be a dozen reasons that I can say right now that I could convince myself to not front up today, and my head physically aches with the arguments I have with myself because I know deep down that there is no way I will ever give up. The minute I give up will be the minute I have no choice about it.


This path I have chosen is something I really have been working towards my entire life, not just the past year. It’s the most exciting journey and yet ever so challenging and this is why it has been a massive emotional roller coaster. It’s a process where I continually learn from experiences, take the ones that anger and frustrate me and flip them completely into the strengths that help me improve.

I don’t care what age you are, or where you are at in your life – I think we can all learn from each other’s experiences and sharing the struggles as well as the achievements are equally valuable and rewarding to our own journeys.


So no matter what, always come back to what it is that you really want and why, it will keep you in the drivers seat and not the passenger’s – It will keep you putting one foot in front of the other and whilst your climb might be a bit of a wriggly messy line of ups and downs, it’s still continuing up and that’s what matters.


Thank you to all of you who have supported me throughout the times I have shared so far, there’s so much more to come and I hope that you’ll stick around because 2015 was just a stepping stone. I have a feeling 2016 is going to bring with it an entire new level of unexpected yet amazing experiences.

~  Alli. x Allison Everett

(INBA Vic will be another massive part of 2016)


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