Be Receptive … Be Giving … Be Grateful …

Be Receptive

It truly is up to you to allow yourself to receive … It’s all about your choice!

When you make the choice to receive … you will grow more than you will realize.

The easiest way to receive is to say … ‘Thank you’

When someone offers you a gift in whatever form it might be … accept it with gratitude and say Thank you. In turn you are giving to the giver by appreciating their gift, welcoming their thought for you, sharing in kindness and allowing for more opportunity to receive in different ways.

It took me a long time to work this out … I had the attitude of … ‘I’m fine thank you I don’t need your help’ … meanwhile I was struggling to feed and cloth myself and my kids. When I realised I was not only blocking kindness being given … I was also rejecting the further opportunity to receive and be grateful.

Missing opportunities that I could have given back to those that had given or to forward the kindness given.

No matter how bad your situation might appear to be in any given moment you have a hundred different things you can be grateful for. You are alive for a start, you are reading this blog … which means you have access to a device that connects you to the world, you can read … do you get my drift?

Be Giving

Rose, love, valentine

You may or may not realise you have a gift. It may be a skill or a talent, it might be hard work that has made you good at something. You might just have a knack of making someone smile when they need it … whatever that it may be, share it with others, because there is someone out there that is waiting for your message, your skill, your energy!

It doesn’t have to be much that you give … but give it from the heart, a place that comes from within that expects nothing in return. This place of giving opens you up to a world of love, joy, creativity and beauty that you would not tap into otherwise.

The pleasure of seeing and hearing the gratitude of someone you have assisted is irreplaceable, you begin to understand the depth of love and kindness that you have not known prior. By giving with no expectation lifts your soul to a place of wonder and joy that you are supposed to be living in.

By giving you you can also make a difference in someone else’s life that you don’t even know yet. Your one act of kindness in giving may pass on through who you have helped to an unknown to you, but you where the trigger for that person from your one simple act.

Be Grateful

Can you see how the world goes around when you are open to receive? The gratitude in your reception is giving … your giving is receive with gratitude … your gratitude opens to more opportunities for receiving …

Isn’t the world a crazy beautiful place with pleasure, joy, creativity, kindness and abundance just by being grateful.

Of course when you start your journey … where do you begin?

My suggestion to you …

Start with YOURSELF!

You deserve all the gratitude you can give … to yourself first … Be Grateful for all that you are … Receive your own gratitude like it was being given by your best friend and be receptive of your kindness and gentleness as you would receive from your best friend.

The better at it you are with yourself … the more amazing you will be with others!

Be open to what is coming your way, it will be so very enlightening, thrilling and exciting!!


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