Seriously It Has Nothing To Do With You!

Oh My Goodness!

It seriously has nothing to do with you, what other people think about you!

Did you hear what I just said?

A lot of us have been conditioned to give a dam about what other people might think about us
or actually listen to complete strangers on the street making comment about …

what we wear,

look like,




size -short/tall,


skin color,

choice in boyfriend/girlfriend

and really the list goes on!!


*It really is crazy the way we allow ourselves to be hurt by
friends, family or total strangers!


Growing up, I always heard

‘don’t do that what will the neighbors think…’

I could never understand that as a kid because who cared what the neighbors thought,
they had nothing to do with me!


But as I got older, into my teens and twenties there was always that feeling of

I have to be what others think is correct …

Whatever the hell that was …

Now I’ve finally realized that my life is about me and what I want out of life


… Not …


if I do this … will I fit in … will I offend, will I get backlash from critics that mean nothing to me, what will friends, family or total strangers think?

Now with a little help from my friends
( they ones I know care about me and don’t give two hoots about anything but who I am on the inside )
that are also realizing the same things as me.


If we SIMPLY LOVE exactly who we are for what we are! The possibilities are endless in what
WE can ACHIEVE how we can help others that are like us to achieve and

Decide Act Achieve



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