Be Willing To Be Vulnerable | Be Willing To Be Vulnerable Brene Brown

Be willing to be vulnerable and experience life!

It can be a really scary thing to get out of your comfort zone and really allow yourself to stretch and grow.

‘What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful’
Brene Brown

We are always so worried about what other people think! (I know I have with age … )

But how do you improve on yourself if you are not willing to take a chance, a small step into the unknown. To learn something new that could really see you making a difference in your life.

… and what if!


 … what if you learn something and gain experience that can help someone else who crosses your path.

Is it worth the effort then?


Your fear of what others are thinking or what they might say are often an illusion in your own thoughts … Because when you let those around you see you feeling weak or susceptible, you would be surprised at how much support you will get when you be willing to be vulnerable and the admiration for being brave enough to step out of your comfort zone.

‘you can’t get to Courage without walking through Vulnerability’
Brene Brown



Be Willing To Be Vulnerable


    • … and risk the defenselessness, show that softer side of you that is willing to stumble and know that it’s ok to do so!
    • … and risk the change, that we will grow and create our own story, from our own truth!
    • … and have the courage to show up to gain Freedom.



To video my story I had to be willing to be vulnerable. I decided to make change in my life and the only way to do that was to allow myself to be myself. I felt I had to share my story with those that know me.

(Not everyone knew my full story, because I needed to be willing to be vulnerable in telling them the truth!)

Now everyone knows most of my challenges and hurdles, that I have overcome them and with my experience, I am able to share with others ways to overcome their adversity.

If you think that you know someone that could benefit from these words please feel free to share this post and leave a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts or a time that you felt vulnerable and observed growth from your experience.

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