Benefits Of Magnesium | Benefits Of Magnesium Supplementing

Benefits Of Magnesium Include …

Sleep – Magnesium is fantastic for sleep! If you are deficient in magnesium your sleep can be effected … In the brain we have a neurotransmitter called GABA, this helps the brain ‘switch off’, other wise we would be staring at the ceiling, our mind racing and the body staying tense.

Relaxation of the nervous system can be achieved by increasing the magnesium levels to normal. This will help reduce problems such as migraine, calf, foot and toe cramps, stomach cramps and calm vertigo.

Flexibility – Occurs when the muscles are relaxed. When you have normal levels of magnesium in the system this helps reduce cramping and tightening pain,  by preventing a build up of  lactic acid.

Serotonin is dependent on magnesium!


One of my favorite benefits of magnesium is the assistance with reducing depression.
Our brain doesn’t function properly without normal levels of magnesium and regulated serotonin levels.

For those of you that are challenged with low mood or depressive state, you may not be eating the way we were meant too. Regular meals are really important at this time to get the nutrients into your system that can help your body function. The benefits of magnesium in your food that can be broken down and distributed through the gut are vitally important to your body’s function – drawing on what I have already mentioned above!


Benefits Of MagnesiumMore Benefits Of Magnesium

Chronic fatigue
Adrenal fatigue
Stress and anxiety
High blood pressure
Digestive problems

… and many more

So before you go and disregard the benefits of magnesium in your menu, see your Doctor or health specialist and work out a plan to boost your health with this amazing mineral!

I truly believe that the benefits of magnesium and keeping them at a normal level will alleviate many simple but distressful conditions. Many of which stem from our food or lack of it and it’s quality! Making supplementing a fantastic option.

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