Surround Yourself With People Who Love You And That You Love Back

As much as you want to hide yourself in a hole and listen to your own energy sucking, negative, self abusing thoughts that drain you of life!

The BEST THING for you to do …


Make Yourself get outside of your four walls …

There are people out there that are friends and family that LOVE you!

They LOVE you for all the crazy fun, special sense of humor, compassion, daring, devilish smile and all that vibrant energy you have inside you!


Just because you are having a shitty day, week, month or even longer, they will be there for you!

You need to TELL THEM – The ones you trust! Whats going on!

I can bet you they have already been there before or know someone who has.

The closest to you will notice some of your changes, but unless you tell them “how it is” they cannot help!




Put your ego to the side and realize you are human!

Starting to to talk about my story to help a friend has lead me to here! Not only was I helping a friend but also myself, and now I realize so many others as well!


So next time you have those feelings and sensations to go hide away …


  • Tell the people closest to you that you can trust!
  • Make your biggest effort ever to get out and be around friends and family!
  • Share with someone you trust the thoughts that you keep taking around in circles!
  • Find a Patton Interrupt eg Go see some friends, Get out and exercise, take deep breaths and see how many seconds it takes to breath in, and how slowly you can breath out …


I also put short videos onto Facebook to help motive and inspire change come on over and say hi! I would love to hear from you!


Decide Act Achieve 

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