Taming Some Tantrums With Nutritious Food

Have you ever been here …


Your standing in the supermarket and your heading for the checkout. Junior has seen all the bright fun colored foods at eye level and wants something … Now …

You say no and think/hope that will suffice. Now your at the checkout and trying to get your groceries sorted and pay etc we’ve all been there …

But, now Junior is demanding at the top of the lungs “I want these lollies”.


You are now at the point of standing by your NO or you give up and give in to the painfully noisy demands of Junior …


What do You Do?


Give in and wait for the sugar rush to hit, after the 5mins of silence, and deal with a crazy little gremlin, that will get super grumpy once the hit wears off


Stand by your No, deal with the pain of junior screaming and learning that you don’t get everything you look at and want for nothing?


You see I know that all the chocolates, lollies, packets of chips and crackers, bottles of soft drink and juice and even some ‘waters’ on the shelves are full of sugar and sodium but no real Nutrients!

To prevent the, screaming for food, highs and lows I tend to feed up the kiddies before leaving the house on foods that will keep them full, feed their brain and fuel their bodies with ingredients that will sustain them and keep their moods even …


… and don’t worry I have learned first hand and

had to deal with the screaming!

Some snacks I’ll give the kids are veggie sticks with a nut butter or dip of some sort, FRESH fruit with yogurt to dip, mixed nuts, rice crackers with tuna/ham etc and salad just to name a few. We are so lucky now to have so many wonderful authors and cooks that are putting books together with brilliant healthy alternatives. One of my favorites is Sarah Wilson and Her I Quit Sugar series!


The less sugar in the diet the better off we are!!

My point is fill your kids tummies with brilliant Nutritious Food

Don’t STARVE them with the crap on the super market shelves that have no real Value in them!


I know my opinion is a little stronger in this blog but I am passionate about real food for every body! If you have a great source for great healthy recipes for easy snacks or light meals feel free to share them below it would be a great way to share some tips for everyone.


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