4 Steps To Find Your True Path

It is SO Easy to get clouded over, loose perspective and procrastinate!
  1. Remember What You Forgot!

    If you don’t remember what it was that you always wanted to do, find a quiet spot and think about being a kids again and all the games you played, the things you wanted to be and do.
    Search your memories…Mine was a teacher…Not your normal school teacher but someone who could share their knowledge and help others improve!I’m still narrowing down to be more specific!

    When the images come to you in whatever form that might be…


  2. Choose Your Path

    If you have more than one item on your list, break it down and think about how each item on your list makes you feel. Which one resonates with you the most. If you can feel it in your heart that this particular idea will bring you joy in life…


  3. Take Action

    Take that idea and start to do things to make it happen.

    ~Buy the tool(s) you need
    ~Groom yourself and look the part
    ~Get more information, do some research to get you closer to your desire, passion, goal.Dare to Dream

    Write down all the things you think you might need to get you to where you want to go.
    Find a mentor, someone accomplished at what it is you are looking for.
    It will take time, so refer back to the memories and feelings you wrote down to keep inspiring you.
    Tell a couple of friends or family members that are going to support you all the way, they will help you stay on track.


  4. Keep Going

    The big picture may seem unachievable, but when it is broken down into small manageable tasks, it will all fall into place.

    There will be obstacles, but challenges teach you lessons. There will be highs and lows, but if not for the mountains and the valleys there will be no gratitude. There will be many emotions, but if there was no feeling there would be no growth.

    So embrace your true path, keep taking the next step towards your goal and you will find that the journey is the greatest achievement!


This is my true path to fulfill my journey in teaching others about my experiences and with great gratitude.
Join me and share your true paths journey whatever that may be. There are others waiting to here from you

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