Under Construction


My life has been filled with many different experiences, good, bad, sad, gloriously, joyful, hysterically funny and I could go on.

But I realised some where during my day today that I am really still Under Construction!

It feels kind of strange to realise all that you have done up to this day has all been to create an amazing structure…ME!

Along my journey of lessons learned I have had many life experiences…as I continue through my day to day challenges and successes, I truely am able to help others. Whether it be with a hug at the right time, a txt message to late at night to really be sent but I do it anyway or tell a friend it’s ok I have been there before and I came out the other side a better person for it.

My skills set…I’m still trying to work out (even at my age) but I realise that still being Under Construction is really a pretty awesome place to be!



…with more thought, meditation and communicating with friends, family, acquaintances and stranger I will certainly develope this Construction site to completion and help, love and improve as many peoples lives as I can!

I am Under Construction and I would like to share my build with you, I enjoy sharing through blogging, if you are interested in doing the same and earning  an income simply click the banner below, leave a commeent below or catch me on my Facebook page to have a chat.

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