9 Weight Training Tips

Weight Training and Staying feminine

In this video, Erin explains in simple terms how weights are going to work for you, keeping you feminine, fit and healthy.

I am always explaining to ladies how picking up weights are not going to change you but make you so much healthier! 

The misconception of what weights will do to the female body comes from use of drugs that are designed to increase the muscle. Many people enjoy the shape and size that they get. It really is impossible to get that kind of result when training naturally.

What is possible is improving what you already have and feeling healthy from it. If you are a beginner, find a recommended personal trainer that you ‘click’ with and use their guidence to create a new you!   

So get out there and get fit with weights, get a friend to join you and increase the fun. You can go to the gym, get involved in Boot Camps or employ a personal trainer to come top your home and workout.



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Decide Believe Act Achieve


Take care and enjoy finding balance in you life!



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