My Secret to Feeling Happy!

Just some of the things that make me HAPPY!

Training in the Gym

Practicing Yoga in the mornings,

Going for a Stand Up Paddle with the dog on the board,

The stillness of the morning and hearing how busy all the animals are,

Laughing with my closest friends,

Knowing I can cry on my closest friends shoulder,

Eating really yummy food that is healthy,

Writing about my interests,

Make an income from my interests and passions,

Being able to teach someone something knew,

Being able to learn something new each day,

Drawing with Pastels,

Help other create success,

Traveling to see friends in different places,

Giving the kids a quick hug when they don’t expect it.

Chasing the dog around the garden

Super soft throw rugs in winter,

Chai Latte’s with soy milk…


There are so many things that make me happy, I didn’t realize that writing them out could put a smile on my face. After a while of writing my list…it became the feelings I got when I was thinking about what I makes me happy.

It has taken a while to teach myself that I am allowed to feel happy whenever I want to!

I know that sounds strange to some, but others that know what being depressed is like and having that feeling of being held in a cloud that constricts you and feels like you can’t shake it off and your thinking keeps going in circles…knows what I am talking about.

Talking to someone was my first step, reading books and listening to uplifting audios was the next action I took. Changing my food to being fresh and wholesome was another step to helping me feel happy again. Now I make sure I have plenty of reasons and feeling that put a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling through my body.

This little activity of writing out all the little and big things that will put a smile on your dial can change your whole day. It is uplifting, it will remind you of all that you have, those that love you and those that you love.

If you begin to feel down pull out a piece of paper and start writing, it will only take a few minutes to make the biggest difference to your day and you will realize just how grateful you are to have such a wonderful moment in time that just keeps expanding.

I truly enjoy helping others achieve their goals, whether it be in fitness and exercise, creating income from home or assisting with better food choices , lifestyle balance is important to me. It is a never ending journey with something new to learn every day!

So put a smile on your dial with writing out all the things that make you happy and relish the feeling!

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