Sleep Deprivation Part 2

Different methods to help you get to sleep

If you are having trouble with sleeping such as

• Taking longer than 15-20mins to fall asleep

• Broken or restless sleep

• Wake up unrefreshed

A great way to know what your sleep patterns are like is to keep a journal, recording how many hours sleep you’re having, what kind of sleep it is and how you felt waking up. Before bed you can also revise your day and comment on your training or work performance.

This will help correct any sleep challenges you might have to improve.

Strategies to get more sleep

Difficulty falling asleep is a common problem with many people, being unable to switch off the day’s business and relax the mind.

Keep a good schedule, and create a ‘to do’ list for the most important tasks.

Work on keeping your thoughts in the now, think about what is happening instead of worrying about what might happened.

When you are in a state of happiness, harmony and stress free you will have better quality sleep. 

All of which improve life!

Before Bed:

  • Sit down for 5-10 minutes and quietly let your thoughts go through the day’s events, make a note of the most dominant thoughts. This helps to relax the mind and body before heading to bed.
  • Supplementing Magnesium is also something to consider taking to improve sleep. 
  • Light gentle stretching also helps to relax the body and ready it for night time rest. 
  • Before going to sleep, tell yourself that you are going to have a solid night’s sleep, and that you are going to wake up just before the alarm goes off, feeling alert and refreshed. Start to create the expectation that you will fall asleep quickly and naturally.
  • If you like to read before you sleep do it now not when you are in bed as this will stimulate your mind rather that relax your mind and body when it is time to sleep. 

In Bed:

  • Make yourself comfortable, remind yourself it is time for sleep and start to think about your breathing. Once you are comfortable concentrate on your breath in and out of your body. As you take a breath in fill your abdomen and lungs feeling it expand. As you release your breath let go of any residual thoughts and feel your muscles relaxing. 
  • You can focus on relaxing your body one muscle group at a time, starting from your toes, and working your way up.
  • Stressing about not going to sleep will keep you awake, focus on saying ‘I will lie here and rest’ 
  • Waking once or twice during the night is normal, stay relaxed, close your eyes and allow your body to drift back into sleep, use your breath to help. 
  • Replace any worrying, with thoughts of what you did the morning before. Think back and try to remember every detail, from the moment you woke up moved the bed clothes off you, took a deep breath and stretched…get the idea. If your mind starts to drift, stop and start back again at the beginning of your day.
  • Sometimes a great idea comes to you, so keep a pen next to the bed write down the idea. That way you know it is written down and it will be remembered, get yourself comfortable again and use earlier techniques to drift back to sleep.


Sleep Well


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