One Door Closes An Amazing One Opens

Take a deep breath … life can change in a heart beat.

Many things have happened to me in my 40 something years of experience on this planet, but when you get that phone call, visitor, email, letter in the post – sometimes you’re just not ready for what happens next.

When you don’t see that message coming to you it can knock the wind right out of you, take your knees out from under you, but once you get over the initial shock of it all …

things just workout when you

keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Only a few weeks ago it just so happened to me … things were going pretty well. I finished one job and moved into another with more income … YAY!

I needed the cash … now I have a full time job … things will be much better!, I can pay for this, take the kids here, I can make that awesome recipe with slightly higher quality ingredients, I’m on a high – kind of.

… I don’t really like where I’m working its not a dream to be working there, downer,  but the bills are getting paid and the stress has backed off, bonus!

– until …

a nagging injury decides I have now pushed it over the edge and becomes two weeks bed rest or possible surgery … not such a good thing when your fresh in a new workplace.

Within a week of seeing the Dr and notifying the workplace I was out of a job …

Really not the greatest phone call in the world … now I am on the couch, with a book, my kindle and a box of tissues. I’m at a cross roads again …

(cross roads always come in a crisis, ever notice that)

… its time to do what I have secretly been desiring to do for a few years now, make the effort to start working from home.

Once that decision was made several things started to happen –  a book was recommended to me E-squared by Pam Grout amazing for moving forward and changing your mindset to create attraction.

I received a phone call to arrange a business meeting (exciting things happening there to be able to work from home) and I then I found myself absorbed in personal development books, positive motivational YouTube, inspiring posts and groups on Facebook … all of it. 

I felt I was now in the right spot at the right time to do something about working from home. All of these events lead me to here.

I am now working with an amazing team of people, creating a future that I want for myself and my family, that believe in me and are willing to help me achieve my goals and dreams from many corners of the globe.

The information and education in the last few days alone has already change my thinking and my belief system, and this journey has only just begun.

It truly is incredible how making a decision and acting on it creates opportunities you never would have seen until a major life event happens to stop you in your tracks and gives you that cross road.

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