Hold onto that vision

If you have a big dream, you have to start somewhere. Maybe you want to gain a a slimmer leaner you, study and get a diploma or degree, attract more wealth and abundance into your life. It doesn’t really matter what it is, all that matters is that you hold onto that feeling, that idea, that vision and work out what you need to do to get it.

Think about that goal or dream and start moving towards it. Get a plan, if you don’t know were to start – research something about it, find out which person you need to talk to get a little closer, what do you need to purchase in order to take that next step, who you need to listen to for the knowledge to come closer to what you are after.

Notice the first thing I mentioned to do when striving for a dream or goal, ‘Think About It’ this is probably the most important thing to achieve what you want. The more you envisage what you want the closer you will get to accomplishing your dream. There is a LOT of hard work between your vision and manifesting it.

I have learned that you need to keep seeing what you want through vision boards, writing, reading, being around like minded people, imagining you have already achieved it. I have competed in several bodybuilding competitions. If you don’t know much about them, it is a sport that you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to with weight training and watching your food all while balancing work/study and family life. For my success in getting to the stage, I spent a lot of time ‘seeing’ myself onstage already in the elite condition I needed to be in. I also started that vision from when I woke in the morning of the competition, the process of what I needed to do to get to my allotted category time on stage, what I was going to do with myself after I finished on stage and completed the day. I became the best me I could be on the day. That was what I wanted for that dream.

I’m still learning and seeing and working toward manifesting what I want. Once you start to see the results of thinking, feeling and visualizing your goals and dreams (even if you want to try it on small things first) you will start to spend time each day just focusing on the outcome you want and taking steps towards what it is that you desire.


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