It’s been A While Since We Last Spoke

Dear Friend,

It has come to my attention that you feel Unworthy of all that you have and So much more that you deserve!

Why is that my dear friend?
What I see in you is rather amazing, individual, precious and sparkles with it’s own vibrancy.

Do you realize that when that voice in your head is tell you that you are stupid, slow, unattractive, not worthy of love, friendship, abundance beauty, kindness, charm, receiving, peace, joy, excitement, color, intelligence, loyalty, support and so many other things it is … it is all a LIE!! An Illusion that you have created!! It is your perception of the experiences and beliefs you hold deep down inside.

On the outside looking in I will tell you what I see.

  • Someone who is very special to the world. So full of life that more people need to know who you are!
  • Your Sparkle and smile leave me calmed when I am anxious, seeing how good the world really is!
  • Your take on life is so of center and the laughter you instigate makes my belly hurt. My cheeks ache and a desperate need to pee!
  • Anyone can join in if they get the joke or caught the contagion of your full belly laugh!
  • When you need to be serious, it’s done with your whole heart to ensure ‘they’ are safe, feel loved and know that your support is always there!
  • You know how to lighten the moment and take the mickey when it’s needed.
  • Your loyalty is undeniable, once you have befriended a person your able to stand by them through the shitty times and step back and let them shine when they stand on their own two feet!

Your talents for your arts are beautiful, you just don’t explore them enough, you simply lack confidence! You don’t worry about colors so much, and when you pick up a camera you can capture the most amazing moments in time.

When the music plays you don’t sit still and you don’t care what it looks like!! The rhythm and melody take hold and you completely enjoy the moment … without alcohol!!

I know you have had a hard time seeing all of these cool things about yourself, but from the outside you are awesome!!

Your kids!! They are Fantastic!! Shining brightly because of you!! You put everything into them that you can. They stand on their own two feet because you taught them to be strong, proud, humble and as staunch as they are it comes from your strength!


All the experiences YOU have had to this date in some way, helped your close friends and some your not so close to, YOU just don’t realize it!!

From where I stand you are worthy of so much more than you realize. So … open up and see that strength you have inside and use the uplifting words, love, humor and gifts to help yourself the way you help others.

Me !

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