Be Abundance Live In Abundance Explore Your Abundance

What is preventing you from living the essence of limitless awareness?


Your conditioning!


All that you have en-counted to this point.
Your beginnings in childhood, siblings, parents, grandparents, kindy and school teachers.
Into your teens and all the influences that the world opens up to you have had an impact.

By this point you have formed your perspective on the world, and unless you are looking for change at this time in your life
(which is unlikely in your late teens and early adulthood)

Living in or out of harmony with abundance is invisible to you.
Now is the time for change, if you are reading these words my guess is you are looking.

If you have a lot of negative thoughts, practice catching yourself from finishing the sentence and re-framing what you are saying to yourself.

For example if your always saying

  • ‘I can’t afford it’
  • ‘I don’t have the money’
  • ‘that’s the last of my money’

Then that is exactly what you will be attracting because that is what your expecting.

Instead work out a sentence that you would naturally say … you could try …

  • ‘How can I afford to … ‘
  • ‘My intention is to always have the money’
  • ‘I have a never ending flow of money into my life’.

The really important thing to remember here is that you have to use your
vision, imagination and ideas
to help you move into the belief that you are abundant and living abundantly.

To do this, make sure that you take action on what you want to come into reality!


If you want more money in your pocket, keep your new way of thinking and speaking
positive, confident and with intention of creating more.

Get work, start a business, sell stuff that you no longer need.

Be creative in ways to expect money to come to you.


If abundance in creativity is what you desire, learn skills in the area you want to be more creative, drawing, painting, money management, exercise, building, designing.

You will be full of ideas write them down until you
find one that you get excited about and create it!

Opportunities will begin to arise that you have not noticed before, once you start taking action towards what you want, speaking what you want, expecting to receive. You will be living in abundance.

Don’t get me wrong, this may take time depending on your belief in yourself or it could happen in an instant. Either way there is a world awaiting your greatness!!


Take hold of your destiny and believe.

Believe in Yourself
and the world of creation now!!


Have an Awesome day and catch you on Facebook or Instagram …
or In the comments below!!

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