What Do You Lose To Gain Social Acceptance?

When you were younger and full of life and adventure, everything you did, you did freely and without thinking about who was looking, listening or judging!!

As you got older you started to work out who you actually are!!

Then you realized …

People are watching me I had better not do that … I have to conform if I want that job, promotion, title …

All of these decisions came at a cost!

Do you realize how much of a cost?
Are you from the inside out happy with how you live your life?

So many of us today, me included, have compromised our true selves to fit in with whatever everyone else thinks! In the process loosing the joy we had inside.

Can you say I am living my True Self out loud?
Most of us cannot …

What we ALL forget is, that most of them out there are themselves insecure and changing themselves to fit in too!!

The world is made up of so much diversity, we were not created for this planet to all be the same!

To give away so much of yourself just to conform to society is breaking us down into unhappy unfulfilled individuals that are so concerned about what is happening on the outside, we don’t even know who we are anymore.

The MAGNIFICENT thing about all this …

Is that we have the opportunity at any second of the day or night to let go of being “Socially Acceptable” and be our most Amazing, Beautiful, Creative, Loving, Abundant, Joyful, Free, Giving, Receptive, Delicious Selves!

All we have to do is ACCEPT OURSELVES for EXACTLY WHO WE ARE and do the things we love, enjoy and are gifted at. You will know in your gut just what to do! Feel what is good and go with it!!

I am excited to see you be YOUR TRUE SELF

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