Welcome Change With Open Arms

We’ve all been through it, we get comfortable in our little routine and to move out of that rhythm can make us feel totally naked in a comfort zone that is beyond us.

What I am suggesting to you now though is to see in advance changes that are coming, open your eyes and heart to feel what is how you will be moving forward. I know sometimes you can get blind sided and are take for an unexpected ride … but isn’t that part of the journey and learning curve!

When you can see it coming, embrace it lovingly. Don’t try to fight all the changes that come your way. It can be far too energy draining and scary, and you end up in the same place anyway …

But if you move towards the changes without kicking and screaming you will start to notice how much you can learn, the wonderful new people you may meet, exciting places you may visit and further opportunities that may not have existed before the Changes.

When you understand that nothing stays the same, you are ever evolving and that goes for everyone around you as well. Stuff will fall into place a little easier. Screen shot 2015-10-28 at 6.37.36 AM

Change will come in a variety of ways for eg. moving into different careers, meeting a new lover, death or illness of a loved one, finding a hobby, menu changes, these are small changes for some and others, they can turn the world upside down.

Your sense of being and the world as you know it will change with the flow of life it is inevitable. Along with the changes always remember you have choice, maybe not in the change, but how you act upon it or react to it!

If you see whats coming, use the opportunity to align yourself with what fits harmoniously with you and glide along your true path with ease, wonder and peace into the changes.

… and when events throw curve balls at you, take it in your stride with open arms and be willing to step outside your comfort zone without fear and enjoy the ride.

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