Live In Cheerful Kindness

One simple act of kindness will make a ripple.

That ripple will spread … like ripples in a pond.


As that ripple spreads beyond your sphere of influence, you may not realize just who and how you can touch other souls. It may only take a couple of words to be kind. It really is that simple.

Take someones hand and help them cross the road, hold a door open for someone struggling, smile at a person walking along the street.

You don’t know what they are thinking about, what their day has been like or if they have friends and family around them.

Make the effort to lift yourself above what is happening to you.

If you are feeling blue then, distract yourself from you and cheerfully be kind to another person, animal, the planet even … it might be the difference between someone (you might not even know) not communicating with another being all day.

Like the title says live in


Do things for yourself that make you cheerful,
notice how you feel and how light you feel,
how easy it is to move!!


Hold onto that and give it to someone else!! Start with a smile!

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