Did You Know It’s OK To Say No

Are you one of those people who can’t say No?

I know how you feel I have been there too!

Do you know where it got me? … Stressed. not completing tasks I needed or wanted to do, not putting in 100% because I had to do so many other things, being grumpy and totally scattered …


Does any of that sound familiar?

And when people keep asking you to do ‘stuff’, your reply is ‘yes, sure I can’ and you really can’t, they WILL take you for granted, assuming you will just do it.

Well now it’s time to take care of yourself and do what is important to you!



Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 7.52.10 AM


This is what I did …

I made the decision to SAY NO!

Learned how to say No!

I worked out my priorities …

What I needed to do for myself,

What needed to be done for my family,

My work and study needed to be prioritized,

… and my daily and weekly calendar was done!




Know I know what time I have spare that I can help other people. When you know your schedule you will know what will work alongside what you are doing which will not take away from your needs.

This also allows you to look at your direction the path you want to take, and make any extra curricula activities congruent with where you want to go! You need to consider if whatever task you’ve been asked to help out with is taking you closer or further away from the path you want to be on. Work, study, family, business etc ..


Now, you can say YES to what fits in!


There are plenty of ways to say NO without hurting anyone’s feelings or being to blunt about not wanting to do what was asked.

Here’s one:


‘I would love to help out but I have already committed my time to another project and it would not be fair on either of us if I could not put in 100% effort in getting it done for you, is there someone else available? and when I am finished what I am doing I can certainly help out if needs be’


This is just one example of what you might be able to say depending on the circumstances, the pressure will be off you, and the other person will appreciate if your not putting in 100% then the task would not be done properly allowing them to find another candidate.


When you feel organized in your own affairs and feel that you are capable of doing extra tasks without any pressure there is no longer that feeling of burden on you. This makes you feel happier, more relaxed and more willing to help others out within your means will be far more enjoyable!


If this has helped you or you are creative at saying No,

it would be great to hear how you do it for others that find it a little difficult.




Decide Act Achieve

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