Wonderful Ways To See The Beauty Of The World

Do you notice wonderful ways to see the beauty of the world


When you wake up in the morning, what do you do?

Close your eyes again and stumble in the dark…

or open them and see something wonderful, like the beauty of your bed you were just sleeping in?

Do you see your awesome furniture that you use around the house that makes it a home!

What does your window frame? A beautiful garden or courtyard, city-scape, river or ocean view…does your window have beautiful soft furnishings to make it pretty, does it open onto a BBQ area for social events…


There is beauty in all of these things! You just have to notice it!

Wonderful Ways To See The Beauty Of The World


Your clothing? the fabric if you get to choose any clothing you buy can be something stunning, a uniform can have it’s beauty as well…perhaps not in the way it looks, however it will protect you from the environment that you work in. It will also make you a part of a team and there is always a beautiful element to that.

Your hair, skin, nails, teeth…for both men and women we can look after it and there is a beauty in that for everyone! You look after yourself it will show your self love…Beautiful!

All of this and you haven’t even left the house yet.

Gardens – Trees, flowers, grass, bugs, butterflies, lady beetles and if you think they are beautiful -spiders and worms…The food that grows from the ground…

Buildings and infrastructure – The roads, homes, parks and equipment, sporting venues, stores. There is plenty of beauty in the design some stunning work to admire and the creative ideas for functionality.

Animals – Either domestic pets or wild animals, can you tell me that you cannot find beauty in any of them?

Just to mention a few…

Mother Nature has been monumentally gracious in providing us with enormous beauty on this planet, that when you open your eyes and simply look with an open mind there is very little in your vision that cannot have some type of beauty within or without.


If you agree, feel free to leave a comment or share my thoughts with others that may need to hear or would like to read these words to remind them of what a wonderful planet this is, as we live with a plethora of beauty.

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