What’s The One Simple Thing You Can Do To Assist Another?

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Sometimes when you are in the middle of your crisis you can lose partial view of the vision you believe in…You know it’s there and you are confident it is possible…but…you just need that little nudge, prompt, encouragement, push to get you over that hurdle and STRIDE FOR THE FINISH LINE!

So if you know that is what you need, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone you know will need that boost somewhere along the line, whether it is a family member or friend, acquaintance, or business associate. That one simple gesture will not take much of your time nor cost you a penny…


It will make the world of difference to the person you assist!



Is all it takes, a few positive constructive words for that lift, to reconfirm in themselves they are on track and continue taking action to achieve their dream, reach their goal!

You know that to achieve your goal it takes a thought, put into action to create that Big Goal or Dream. You also know that sometimes there are obstacles that we are to overcome. So when you see the challenges pop up for the person you can help…


Screenshot 2015-06-28 20.39.48

Tell them they can do it,

Let them know that you believe they will work it out,

Help them find a solution get them thinking from different points of view especially when they appear to be second guessing themselves or the journey they are taking.

It truly can be rewarding for both of you, you get to see them come alive and succeed, they get their second wind and succeed!




The next time you know someone needs a little boost help them…

Decide Act Achieve


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