When You Just Want To Sleep




I love getting into a cosy comfy bed and having a great sleep all night long!

On my bedside table I have a pile of bits and pieces, the current self improvement book I’m reading, one of the Game of Thrones books and of course my several pairs of glasses (as I seem to be ageing) as well as the bits and pieces the kids seem to leave for me.

The lamp next to the bed saves me having to get out of bed to dissolve the day and drift in the nighttime slumber. It’s a little warm at the moment for a doña but I di love to snuggle with it in the winter, currently it’s a sheet which doesn’t quite have the same effect.

My daughter is very much the same, possibly even more so, so when I tell you she she doesn’t like to be disturbed is an understatment!

When I woke up this morning to find my girl sleeping in her brothers bed I was rathe surprised! When questioned as to her sleeping habit for the night the story goes…

Can you believe mum a SPIDER crawled on my leg, A SPIDER!! Woke me up in the night! So I flicked it off…BUT it LANDED ON MY FACE!!…so I grabbed my phone and ran upstairs praying that I didn’t wake you up!


I’m sorry but that is just hysterically funny and equally terrifying to me!! The whole scene running through my head is comical, but my skin was crawling with the thought of an eight fury legged life form tip toeing onto my leg…

Now if your anything like us you will be laughing and crying at the same time thinking about the whole situation.


I really hope you enjoyed my little funny family story, I have plenty more and will also include a few from my mischievous childhood. If I put at least a slight smile on your face I have succeeded.


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