Love the Future You Now



What dose your future you look like?

What dose your future life look like?

Are you planning now for what you want in the future?

I never really thought about it too hard before but, I was listening to looking Lawrence Tam speak about loving your future self and life and got to thinking, I need to b doing it now not just in the future!

Funny isn’t it really we are  so busy looking after others that we forget about the most important person to love…Ourselves!

I realised what I was doing and made a few changes!

I now make time for meditation in the mornings to learn peace, and feel clarity!

I buy groceries and make sure I improve the quality of the products that I purchase, to ensure better health!

I spend 10 – 30 mins of undivided attention with my kids 4 to 5 times a week to improve our relationships!

…and so far from when I made the decision to love myself more now, the future me is pretty amazing!

Thanks Lawrence for the insight!

It doesn’t take much to start creating a better you that you will love being in the future. Have a think about how you will love yourself more to love your future self more, it really is a great feeling.


Thanks for dropping by I would love to hear what you think about ways to love yourself more in the future, simply leave your ideas or comments below to share!


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