A Meditation Hack To Clear The Mind

Life is speeding us by and we often miss out on a lot of the simple things in life because we are so BUSY being BUSY. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to sit down for a few minutes each day and clear the mind to allow more productivity instead of busyness?
  1. Aquire a Few Minutes…

    Simply find a few minutes in your day – when you have a coffee break, when you go to the bathroom (sounds funny but sometimes it is the quietest place you might find), rest in a garden/park for a few minutes.

    hack image

  2. Release The Mind

    In the beginning it will seem that your mind is racing with everything all at once!

    With 3 long deep calming breaths allow your body to relax and let all your thoughts float up into clouds that disperse as they reach into the sky.

    hack image

  3. Embrace Peaceful Mind

    As the body has relaxed and the mind has released its chaotic pace, take another 3 slow breaths. As your breath in imagine the sun’s rays filling your body and allowing a state of peace to fill your entire body from head to toe.
    As you open your eyes hold that feeling of peace for as long as you can, until the next time you acquire a few more minutes of time.

    hack image

You need to have a clear mind to be pro-active in your everyday life, the clearer your mind the less re-active you will be have a more productive and fulfilling path.

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