If Keyboards Could Talk…Procrastination Is What They Would Say!


There were many a day when I finally get the chance to get to my home office, sit down and stare at the screen wondering what on earth I am going to do…only to find that Facebook seems to have opened up in front of me and is scrolling down the page exposing all the people I know and what they have been doing for the day.

An hour might pass and I finally realize what I have been doing…PROCRASTINATING!!

So now I really have to get to work and do something…I know check emails…and then I find somehow I am checking out YouTube video’s…REALLY!! I shout to myself and finally I get to something productive, a blog post, marketing etc

What I am really trying to explain is that we all start somewhere and we all at one time or another have procrastinated about getting the knitty gritty done! Everyone has an off day or distractions that lead them astray.

However, There is Hope!

Tip 1 Take the time to work out what your going to do, this always helps me. Have a list of tasks that need to be completed eg – Blog post Idea(s), collect ideas throughout your day. If you have a few ready then it makes writing so much easier to get stuck into! Find an image or do a video for the post, expose your post to the world – social media and marketing. Have your ‘To Do’ list in front of you to keep you on track.

Tip 2 Set a time for getting the blog written, that way there is more urgency to have the task complete to ensure you keep your flow. It always gets my adrenalin flowing and some excitement into the the finished product and being proud of my work.

Tip 3 Reward yourself for getting all tasks complete in the time you allotted yourself – A piece of yummy chocolate, extra time reading your favorite book, a quick dip in the pool anything that makes you feel good about accomplishing your set tasks will create more desire to do better the next time you sit down.

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 10.04.51 PM

Scouts motto is ‘Always be prepared’ so have your office organizes to step into, take action, do it consistently and you will succeed!


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