Empower Yourself and Be Proud of Who You Are

Once You find who it is you Truly are inside, You can be Truly Happy and at peace with your journey!
  1. Be Proud of Who You Are

    I love this video because it shows a woman that is passionate about what she does, believes in what she does, surrounds herself with people that are all about the same things she loves.

    This video shows the vulnerable side of Dana Lynn Baily, but represents all of us. Apparently by other societies standards we are all, in some way not good enough, to someone.

    Be Proud of Who You Are because it doesn’t matter about that one or two’s mold that you don’t fit into, there are thousands out there who’s mold you Inspire just by being YOU!

    For some people it comes naturally, that confidence and direction as to who they are what they want and were they want to go. There are not very many people however with that kind of belief.

    Most of us…fake the outside, who we portray ourselves to be. While on the inside and behind closed doors we are all much the same…scared little children that think everyone else has got it together so why can’t I?

  2. Vanessa Amorosi This Is Who I Am

    Listen to the words in this song and think about your story. Like the first clip with Dana Lynn Baily, it takes a while to really get to know yourself, believe in yourself and be PROUD!

    If you aren’t proud of yourself yet…take the time each day to look at all that you have accomplished so far – Your schooling, your family, your children, your career, sporting achievements, musical achievements, whatever it is that you do there is something to be proud of and there are many people around you that see it to!

    Take the time, even if it is 5mins a day to really allow yourself the happiness and joy of being you. Sit quietly, go for a run, play some music, whatever helps you see and feel the qualities in yourself that you can be proud of!


Sometimes it takes that little extra belief in yourself to make the biggest gains. Follow the link below to find out more about taking that next step to creating more in your life that you can expand and empower your life!

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