Response or Response-Able?

Pause, Think Response, and be Response-Able

Recently I started reading ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ Stephen F. Covey, An amazing book by the way to understand the habits used that will build your confidence in creating your own journey and fulfilling it successfully! 

Early on in the book it discusses our responses to situations in our lives and whether we are reacting or acting to the immediate circumstances.

Consequently I was flicking through Facebook, as you do when you have an idle 5 mins to check out what is happening. I came across this great piece about Responsibility or Response-Able by Trevor Hendy Australian IronMan Legend.  

Here is some of what he spoke about…   

Responsibility or Response-Ability?


What a cool subject this is, Responsibility or response-ability. This is probably one of the most misunderstood or misused words on the planet. Instead of responsibility, (even if we are claiming we are taking it) we are usually caught in layers and layers of blame, justification and “not my fault”.

I really wanted to write about this right now because I am noticing more and more how little responsibility we are taking. When it comes to living the life we truly want or having the effect we truly want, we are literally blaming and assigning cause to everything but ourselves. Now, that is true but even that is very misunderstood. The reason we are not truly taking responsibility is because we are still caught in the “reaction” to the situations and people that we don’t like. In other words, as long as we are reacting, we are unable to respond, we are not response-able…see more

Are you in the ‘reactive’ mode to others? Being angry, justifying, gossiping, projecting negativity or blaming everyone else? This only creates more negativity, pushes you away from ‘them’ and leaves you without your authentic power that allows for love, healing and creating change to improve!

To be response-able take a deep breath, step out of the moment your in, wait before you ‘react’ and be response-able…’we’ have the opportunity to let go of control and let it be as it is. Allow for creating a fresh new loving approach enabling healing and growth. Producing true Authentic Power!   

                         Empower Yourself by Empowering Others!

Through personal development, reading educational and inspiring books, surrounding myself with like-minded people, listening to uplifting and educational audioes, I have begun my journey to being a better me. 

Now I am able to help others with their goals and dreams as well as provide financial freedom to Do Be and Have what I want out of life…


Decide Believe Act Achieve



Take care and enjoy finding balance in you life!




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