Business Belief and Action

To Build a Home Based Business You Need The Belief In Yourself To Take Action!


Listening to Audios for self-improvement can inspire a lot of deep thinking and plenty of light bulb moments! Talking to your friends and really hearing what they are saying to you can change the way you feel and believe about yourself!

Recently I combined these elements about myself and realised that I didn’t believe that I was able to build my business to a successful level (my image of successful) but others are surprised I haven’t achieved what I want yet.

Perception of one’s self and the perceptions of others are amazingly different…what you believe is true only exists your reality!

Business Belief and Action

I made it my business to change my perception of my reality so I can build myself and take action to improve on all areas of life.

To make change I had to take a good look at how I really thought about myself and my ability, what needed to be changed and how I could go about changing it.


I realised that, actually realising how I was thinking was a major breakthrough, then delved into breaking down what I believed I could not do…I couldn’t think of too many things related to building my business and not being able to do what was needed…

So I looked at what I could do…my list just kept growing and growing…

Then another breakthrough, I can actually do all the tasks that are required of me to expand, grow and build my business I just didn’t believe I could.

Now I look at my list of all the actions I can take to create the life I want! Then take Action to build on my beliefs, display all the successes I accomplish increasing my personal beliefs and developing a better understanding of how I can then help others to do the same.

My Process for Business Belief and Action

  1. Choose a topic that relates to beliefs that might not be supporting the direction and goals you want to achieve. (Mine – I don’t know how to take the steps to build a successful business)
  2. Write down all the things that you ‘believe’ you can’t do…( I couldn’t think of anything I could not actually do)
  3.  Now write down all the things you can do to achieve what you desire…(I broke down this task to the smallest details)
  4. Recognise the shift in belief, as the tasks that can be taken can be done to make the big picture.


When I completed this process I realised I was looking at the biggest picture and comparing myself against others…clear all of that and follow what you have just learnt about yourself and…

Get into living a fuller more fulfilled and successful life style!

Through consistant self development and taking action to achieve you goals through a poven system which is the one that I use, take the time to click through here, ad your best email and watch the video to see how you can create you greatest dreams.

 I look forward to sharing my journey with you and learning all about your journey

Decide Believe Act Achieve



Take care and enjoy finding balance in you life!


P.S. Take action today, to be rewarded tomorrow!


Facebook: Elizabeth Hardy my karizmafitlife


Skype: elizabethhardy1



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