Family Fitness and Finances and How You Can Create it!

Balance Your Time and You Can Create More Family Fitness and Finances into Your Lifestyle!


It has always been a juggling act for mums and dads to spend quality time with the family, keep up with health and fitness and continue to work the hours needed to provide for the family.

Something that I have had to work into my days is a little pocket of time to squeeze in the balance so desperately needed to stay sain really.

I choose to get up early, before everyone is awake and do a short meditation and yoga session around 20-30 mins and if the kids get up they join in.

You get some peaceful time for yourself and have some quality time with the children if they wake up early enough, a double treat really.

To ensure your eating well with a hectic schedule, when you make your dinner add enough to cover meals for lunches for the next day…your having a yum dinner and lunch is going to be healthy and reduces spending at the café or restaurant near work.

This helps to keep your energy levels up and your food healthier than grabbing something on the run.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to spend time during the week exercising with all your time taken up, but it’s the choices you make on how you go about getting your work done.

  • Take the stairs to change floors where you can,
  • Cycle to work if you have the facilities,
  • Eat outside, in a park or garden the next block over, instead of at your desk,
  • If you’re at a desk most of the day, get a fit ball to assist your core, it builds the strength in your abdominals and burns a few extra calories as well.


There are lots of little things you can do it improve your health while your out to work. Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work by Emily Milam gives you some great tips on what to do at your desk!

Weekends are a great time to get everyone out and active! Swimming, Cycling, Ten Pin Bowling, Roller Blading, and Horse Riding, throwing the Frisbee, there is no end to the sorts of activities you can do to get the family involved!


If you are really sick of all the hours away from your family, challenged with bills and the mortgage…then maybe I have the solution for you!.


I now spend my time talking about the things I love and I get paid for it, and with the education from the system I am using I am able to help others do the same thing!


Would you like to exchange your job for you own business?

Would you enjoy spending more time with friends and family?

Would you take pleasure in helping others do the same?


Then make a move and take action Now!


This system had been proven and may be the right fit for you so click the image below to find out more…




It’s all up to you are you ready for making that change??




Decide Believe Act Achieve



Take care and enjoy finding balance in you life!



P.S. Take action today, to be rewarded tomorrow!


Facebook: Elizabeth Hardy my karizmafitlife


Skype: elizabethhardy1

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