Feeling your Success

Doesn’t it Feel Great to Feel Success!


As I was walking along the waterfront this morning it occurred to me that everyone is Successful!

Have you ever stop to consider that?

Hhhmmm…many of us tend to think success

  • Is the beautiful car,
  • grand house,
  • big name label clothing,
  • all the big toys that grown-ups get to play with and having anything that money can buy.

What about success without all the material goodies that money can buy?

  • Babies taking their first steps,
  • passing that exam that you have given up almost everything to study for,
  • how about doing that outdoor bootcamp class and didn’t throw up.

All of this is success. We just don’t look at it that way.

If we were to focus on all the tasks we complete, challenges we take hold of and solve, goals we accomplish and see them all as successes wouldn’t it be easier to feel successful.

Sure would… 


  1. To start feeling more successful, when you have a 2 minutes…(in your successful day) and time yourself.                               It makes it more fun! 
  2. Jot down all the things you have had success in. What ever pops into your head write it down.                                       
  3. If it was something you completed an hour before or if it was something you did years ago, jot it down.

Keep the list where you can get your hands on it easily, if you need to do it every couple of weeks get it out and time yourself for another 2 minutes.

Maybe you might like to do it once a month…but keep it close so when you need to look back and remind yourself of all the success you have already had you will find more success in what you do in the future.




and all the successful moments you have had…

Now you have that great feeling inside the confidence that success gives you, feeling proud of your accomplishments.

Use this for you business as well!

Make the decision to take control of your life and work for yourself…Success no.1!

sometime we all feel like ‘it’s not working’ or I’m not getting anywhere’ look at your note-book and all the things you have achieved!

Follow all the trainingSuccess no.2!

Be inspired by what you have already done to know how much more you can really triumph at.

Helping other people achieve their goals and successes!…

Priceless Success no.3!


If you got something out of this message, leave a comment and share it you may be helping someone else without even knowing it.


Decide Believe Act Achieve



Have a fabulous day!


Elizabeth Hardy


Facebook: Elizabeth Hardy my karizmafitlife

Email: karizmafitlife@gmail.com

P.S. Find out more about the tools and system you can use to create your business success by joining me here 

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