What have you done today to be YOUR BEST SELF

Do you do something every single day to make you the best you that is possible? Have you ever even thought about it?…you are so busy with the family, study, your work and every other thing you have going on in your life. Have you taken the time 5mins, 10-20mins just to do something for you that will improve you.

To be the best You, I believe that we all need to take time out, rest the mind appreciate it, appreciate our body and what it does for us as well as our emotions and how they teach us. I have neglected these snippets of time that make a huge difference to how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves to others. So I am just reminding myself of the simple little things that we can do to encourage ourselves to be the best we can be and thought I would share it with you.

For the mind – I had a dream many years ago that my mind is like a garden, if I am filling my head with worry and negative thinking the garden-my mind is flooded and drowning, now when I start to feel my heart racing with all the worries of the world I think of the beautiful garden that I will drown if I don’t take a step back and let that negative energy drain away. If my garden is flooded I cannot be the best me I can be. To take this little action costs me about 5mins of time but it saves me many hours away from my family.

What can you do to free up and rest your mind?

For the body – Simple deep breathing, filling the lungs completely and when you breath out release the tension that builds up in the muscles. This I do sitting at the traffic lights, when I go to the bathroom,  ride in an elevator or on an escalator. Not only am I releasing tension but it will increase lung capacity and circulation I’m also massaging my organs, just by taking a few deep breaths. What a way to improve your physical YOU.

What can you do to thank your body in just a few minutes in your day?

For the emotions – I need to RELEASE THEM show that person you love them, laugh out loud when you think something is funny, cry when your sad. If I’m angry about something stop and think dose it really matter, am I just reacting, if I need to go and hit something like a pillow (that way I don’t hurt anything) but I get the emotional energy out. Then look back at how I felt and recognize what has been learned form what ever emotion I felt and the environment I was in. Remember it and learn from it. We find something in the emotions that again give us lessons that we can use to be our Best Self

How do you work with your emotions to be YOUR BEST SELF

These little things don’t take much time or effort but they make a big difference to who you are.




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