Love Learning

What a great feeling it is to learn something new! I have been working away at creating a website, where to put things how to short cut so you get faster at putting it all together. While doing this I have been listening to a lot of positive stories and reading lots of self development books.

The sense of achievement makes you feel so good, proud of yourself for making it work, understand how to make the sequence work…then I realized I have two kids at school and I don’t celebrate them learning something new. Why? I am so wrapped up in the stuff I’m doing, I didn’t think about asking them about something new they learned. Now everyday we ask each other what was something new that each other has learned. My son well he is a typical 7 year old so it takes a little pushing and prodding to to get it out of him, but the wave of pride that comes across his face is priceless. My daughter is 10 and she seems to think I don’t really learn anything new, but I have surprised her with a few little things. ‘Mummy dose do stuff when I’m at school’ is generally the expression on her face. But again when she describes the new thing she has learned…well the pride is ALL OVER her face. It’s priceless to see their faces when the recognition is there that they have achieved something pretty special.

Getting your kids to tell you something about their day is sometimes a little difficult as your normal responses from ‘what did you do at school today?’…are ‘nothing’, ‘not much’ and no words but a shrug of the shoulders, (I remember doing that myself) are as good as it gets.

Create a challenge with your kids or your friends or just for yourself…

At the end of each day ask ‘what did you/I learn new today?’

It soon becomes a lot of fun.

Love learning                                                                                                                                        Love your day                                                                                                                                    Love your friends                                                                                                                               Love your family                                                                                                                                 and most of all                                                                                                                                   Love yourself :-)


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